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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Half +2: Sonnetalisation

I’ve been dreaming sonnetically again
and waking with sonneticisms.
Sonnetifying language is becoming
a daily contribution to sonnetification.
I have agonised over sonnetalisation
and am expecting to overcome this sonnetophilia
sometime and resume life as sonnetal.
I wouldn’t describe my previous state as sonnetophobic
but perhaps I was a sonnetaramus before.

I have been thinking about sonnets continuously for about a month now and made notes to myself about what ideas I could 'sonnetify'. It occurred to me that these suffixes being attached to words are becoming more common. I was reading a blog on talented singer/songwriter Kat Flint's Myspace page where she referred to spreading things 'internetically', which I have adopted as one of my favourite made up words. This process contributes to language evolution, which this particular sonneteer* finds exciting. 

* N.B. Sonneteer is a genuine word, but I checked and none of the words used in the actual sonnet are in the dictionary!

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