Number 10  

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I had an idea for an ambiguous sonnet wherein there is some confusion about whether it is the poem killing the author or the author killing the poem, but either way it was through over thinking the form process. This may require some editing before it is submitted, but it was good fun to write.

Number 10

Gargling with onomatopoeia,
y pensando en heteroglossia,
the killer’s assonance wakes at dusk.
Feeling murderous for hyperbole,
selective only in diction.
Acquiring admiration of alliteration, it

chooses enjambment as it’s weapon.
Stealthily, its broken rhymes are made
like those of a caped crusade
-er and ugh it mutters.
Too much thought about
Kills the poem

or the author?

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