Alphabet Soup  

Monday, November 3, 2008

I became interested in the use of phonemes and some of the sounds we make when speaking. I had to research this to ascertain some terminology, but hope for this to be the start of a collection. At least, I have this as a back up idea when I am experiencing Writer's Block. In 'Daily Sonnets' Brown uses dictionary poems in much the same way, and these pre-conceived ideas for poems can be really helpful when it is of importance to just write...

Alphabet Soup

Devouring the vowels first;
the ‘O’ rolling around like honey.
‘E’ sweet and melting like candy floss.
But the ‘K’ has fricative corners;
sticking and poking
from the mouth.
Next the ‘S’ – soft, sweet, seductive
sliding inside one’s esophagus
in sibilance.
Glorious ‘G’ goads
guttural glottal inflections.
The spoon swoops
and swishes in search
of the ‘X’.

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