Thursday, November 13, 2008

This is based on googlisms, which is a fantastic website for generation of ideas, wherein you can type in your word and find a selection of google definitions for that word! Some people even put their own names in there! I am a shipwreck apparently!! To check out Googlisms Click here


sonnet is not easy to follow
sonnet is a mystery
sonnet is over
sonnet is encrypted
sonnet is at poetryrepair shop
sonnet is love

sonnet is to poke
sonnet is composed of all associated fibre optic and copper cables
sonnet is a specially designed package
sonnet is composed of 14 lines of poetry each line has five iambic feet
sonnet is unique among poetic forms in western literature
sonnet is derived from the Italian for "little song"
sonnet is a moment's monument
sonnet is due no later than Friday

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