Meeting Lee  

Monday, November 10, 2008

Half sonnet -2: Voices of War

Met a man who killed a man.
He smoked Lambert and Butler
one after another after another.
Words came out like gunfire
cracking in distant hills.

I met a really interesting character in the pub. He was a children's entertainer/musician/songwriter and many things besides; including an ex-soldier. He actually had seven confirmed killings and everything in the way he moved indicated an edginess, a nervousness that emulated gunfire. He has come to Falmouth to bring an exhibition called Voices of War, which concentrates on the art and creativity produced by other ex-servicemen. The exhibition is in town 10th - 17th November, which is really quite apt as today is armistice day. Lee Kamara has posted many of his recordings on You Tube, click this link to hear 'The Politician', which is a comment on the injustice of it being a man in a suit pushing a pen who decides who gets sent to War. You can also  click here to see the Voices of War website. 

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