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Friday, November 14, 2008

No ‘T’ in China

Walking in Spain’s hills
I spoke a word of silence.
Swimming French canals
I heard a crash of rainclouds.
Perusing an Afghan square
I found a discord in number.
Under Iran’s skies
I exposed an unheard lie.
A Russian sea froze my lips
and any speech from sliding.
In China I was hiding a
broken wing below a zephyr.
Reaching Beijing I eluded fire;
my consciousness like an island.

I found a blog online called Scribble Soup for Writer's Block and was interested in writing sentences with no letter 't' as suggested in the blog. I had decided on the title of this poem before I really wrote it so I then needed to also think of countries with no 't' in them - or creative ways to omit the 't' - such as Afghan as opposed to Afghanistan.

Scribble Soup has some other great ideas for getting writing. Check it out by clicking here.

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