Saturday, November 26, 2011

I've realised that the way I'm working this poem means it'll come out backwards. Although it was never intended to be strictly linear, but rather a confluence of voices. The quote about the orbit of stars comes from a Lavinia Greenlaw poem, although it also reminds me of a physicist I lost my heart to.

Woke up; found my love gone.
Left in its place words
falling from the seams.
Many's the night I've walked this
land. I was trying to remember.
It felt like my mind
was being cast
to sea. Tiny
bits of brain nibbled
by phosphorescence. Are they
the darkness or
is it
Like the sunken
shell of integrity I
sit and wait.
I rise
with the tide so
I have to fall.
He left stains on the carpet where
he'd dropped his consonants.
All achin', shakin' and breakin'.
His hollow cheeks gulping down
apologies. Tired lies
and vinegar flies
carve mermaids on his eyes,
which look to  the sky.
He said he knew science;
told me
how you get pairs
of stars that pull
into orbit
forever unable  to touch
or part
like how grains of sand
won't just dissolve into water.
Some words I collect
and I have stars in my heart.

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