Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Two of my friends wrote a poignant song last week. They're both musicians I've respected for some time, but this new track did something different. Once I'd heard it I haven't been able to stop listening to it. It inspired me. In the one line 'It took silence to talk you round' I have started a WIP of a whole poem exploring the juxtaposition of my previous relationship. He was born into silence and believes in non-verbal communication. I was born into a thunderstorm ad have always fought to be heard. Words are my everything. Click to listen to silence

Here is the beginning of my Silence

It’s your silence that speaks to me,
Pragmatic necessity.
In all those unsaid words
Lie lessons you made me learn.

But your quiet can’t break me down.

You were inaudible when you were born;
Didn’t speak til you felt worn.
Didn’t need words to be in the room.

In your silence I glean bits,
Understand what you think fits.
In your silence I hear a sound.

It’s your words I never trusted
Artificial sounds
and their message.
It takes more than words
to make me hear.

Diegetic duplicity;
Your spirit lost but your soul free.
You entered earth in a thunderstorm
fought with noise since you were born -

It is silence that creates sound...

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