Me, Universe and You...  

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wind writes in foam on sea
halliards crew
unscathed leagues under ocean.

Lichen likes rocks
who care to remember a name carved in fathoms
when love is a vapour.
Pebbles are worn to reveal your image
and the rhyme of tides
echo across the archipelago of galaxies.

Galaxies are everything from nothing
bursting from seeds of matter.
Raging energy
brings it all to existence.
Gravity's relentless lure
opening a vortex,
stealing light,
hiding energy,
stowing orbits.

In the ebb and flow
the binary of light
and dark
you are like the universe;

you are made from me
and I am made from you.

This poem was used as a basis for a more complicated project I wanted to produce. Below is a link to my video, which takes my reading of the poem, and uses sounds made within it to make an ambient soundscape. Behind this lies the message that words are everywhere to be found, and poetry can be pushed in many directions other than reading it straight from the page...

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