Univocalism in I  

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I - nihilistic lyricist - find him
This 'I' is indivisibly criticising,
inviting irking crisis.
His dizzying impish grin
visibly minimising this.
Imbibing inky gin in my lips
I mimic gigglingly this smiling.
I try inflicting witticisms,
inviting his kiss. My wish is
I wish inciting rhythmic, skirmish rising,
Him - dizzyingly writhing in divinity -
twitching his virility in my lips,
In this vicinity I am his.
I'm trickishly slicing lyrics in
his thirsty kiss -
citing him inspiring.
His thrills stirring in my tits
I jitteringly sing;
twinning drinking jism with my
stringy sighing

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