Friday, October 31, 2008

I like the idea of playing around with form as much as playing with meaning. This is taken from a song I am writing for a music project, and to fit as a sonnet, the chorus has been removed. There has been some discussion surrounding whether or not the poem reinforces the connotation of prostitutes being 'vermin' and so this one may have to be edited more carefully before submission. 

Sonnet + 1 verse: Pigeons

Open mouths – twenty pounds
Walk the road where sex is sold
And see the pigeons lining up
along the street.

It takes the night to brave the flight
Bloody nose and open toes
All the dirty birds are out here
on the street.

Silence drips from their lips
Splashed white clothes is what they chose
Oh you can see that pigeons hang out
on this street.

Tear stained face, fall from grace
No-one knows and it shows
as cars mount the pavement
on the street

Pidgin patter, what’s the matter?
There’s one less pigeon tonight upon the street.

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